Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Night of Fine Dining

Picture 635
We all went out for pizza last night, it was very exciting, but I felt very sorry for the man who had to make our 50 pizza bases from scratch, they were spinning all over the place and by the time he had finished he must have been very tired.  (I also noticed he was wearing an England football shirt, so as we left I pointed to it and stuck my thumb up and said Bobby Charlton)
Picture 636
I chose a Pizza Vesuvio because it sounded romantic,  I didn’t really know what I was ordering, but that is all part of embracing the culture, but I recognised the word salami and I know I like that!
Everyone had something different, so we all swopped slices……
Pizza 1
…… which meant that I was able to experience a whole smorgasbord of Czech/Italian pizza delicacies. 12 noms out of 10, it was that good!
Picture 483
Then, there was ice cream for pudding,  I kept a small space in my tummy for mine as I knew it was coming. We were given the ice cream menu at the hotel a couple of days earlier as they had to be ordered in specially.
Picture 477
I opted for the Honey Fantasy ….. again nom, nom, nom. I am so glad I am not a fussy eater (apart from broad beans), I would miss out on so much!


Candycane said...

It all looks very yummy! :D

Sal xXx

Mr.D said...

Mmmm pizza! I thought Vesuvius would have been hot stuff with lots of chillies. Followed by posh ice cream. 12 out of 10? Run this one past Tom the Scientist. Nomtastic

Darrell said...

Mr D ..... Tom the Scientist got a bit of promotion last week .... we may have to change his title ....! But yes we shall certainly run 12 out of 10 past him, he'll probably get his test tubes out and demonstrate the theory of having too many big numbers and no calculator to add them up with.

Obviously you have had a stellar moment ..... as a new work has now entered our vocabulary ..... Nomtastic ......

marc said...

i agree I will be useing Nomtastic at least once a day i will drop it in coversation like a well heeled man about town would, big love marc by the way M the pizza does look Fabtastic Nomtastic

Mr.D said...

Well done to Tom the Scientist! What shall we call him? Tom the Senior Scientist?