Saturday, 19 March 2011

Meanwhile on Back In The Czech Republic .....A Night of Bowling

It’s nice to get out of the hotel for the evening and last night we all went bowling. I’ve never been before, so I was quite excited.
Bowling 2
The young ladies asked if I could do the scoring and one of them would take over from me when it was my turn to bowl … however after a trail bowl it was decided that as I hadn’t been included in the original risk assessment for bowling it might be safer if I just did the adding up and offered the young ladies encouragement and praise …..
Bowling 5
I was quite happy to go along with that,  as I soon realised that the three holed ball would forever be a mystery to me and bowling was never going to be my forte.
Picture 610
I tried all the different colours and weights, but there wasn’t one that I even could lift let alone launch down the alley ….
Picture 615
And pushing one along had it’s dangers too as I tended to roll with it.
Bowling 7
It was a little embarrassing, but sometimes it’s good to know your limits …..  and I took it all in good humour
Bowling 6
When I get home I will ask the other PE lady how I can improve my upper body strength, but to be honest with only stumpy little hands, unless I have very invasive surgery to them, I’ll never have fingers to stick in a bowls holes anyway!

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Mr.D said...

What about using the little ramp that children use? Just point and let it roll, let it roll, let it roll.
Maybe you can find a toy game of skittles to use. What about the French game boules? I can just imagine you with a beret and an unlit Camel in your mouth - the cigarette and not the animal.