Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Little Czech Stream

Each morning when I go down the steep hill to the town I stop and look at what I call my frozen stream.
Frozen Stream 1
As each night gets colder, the little waterfall has become more frozen … ZeeBee the instructor said that the night temperature in the area has been at a record cold this week at about –26, no wonder I have felt the need to wear my socks in bed!
Picture 525
I find it very romantic …
Frozen Stream 3
And it reminds me of a foreign film I once saw ages and ages ago called “The Singing Ringing Tree”


Mr.D said...

I remember watching "The singing ringing tree" when it was split into parts on children's BBC. Weird stuff from behind the iron curtain.

marc said...

i loved that to Mr D in a trippy hippy sort of way big love marc