Saturday, 5 March 2011

Waking Up To A Wonderland Of Snow

First view of ski slopes
When I woke up on my first morning in the Czech Republic the first thing I did was look out of the window, it had been very dark on our arrival and it was hard to imagine what our surroundings looked like …… it’s BRILLIANT, there's snow everywhere! It's like a white christmas, but without the presents and stuff!
Picture 521
The views are magical and I felt a little emotional, and wished Darrell and Nigel could see it all too.
 A hearty Breakfast Pension Roxana
Breakfast was early, in buffet form and scored at least 8 on the nom, nom scale, eggy bread, scrambled egg and sausage, with tomato and cucumber, nom, nom, nom.  I have a spooky feeling that I shall be embracing fully the Czech cuisine at breakfast, dinner and tea, plus little snacklettes...
Marmite Home Comforts when abroad
After my third visit to the buffet I felt set for whatever the Czech morning had in store for me. I went back to my room to get my hat and jacket from my case and found that Darrell had put a jar of Marmite in my hat (to save it from breaking) with a little note saying  that it was a little home comfort, just in case the hotel didn’t have any …… what is he like? A lovely, kind thought, but after this morning I do not think I shall be pining too much for my savoury spread of choice .........
Pension Roxana
This is going to be such a brilliant trip!


Mr.D said...

Nom, nom, nom for the breakfast. Hopefully the Marmite won't be needed and instead you will sample the delights of Czech food.
The original Budweiser is Czech Budvar. After the apres ski Gl├╝hwein, try a proper Budweiser, asuming your drinks contain alcohol.

marc said...

what a great breakfast they even cater for vegatarians which is a good thing for some, i love your hat it shouts out snow and Darrell is such a good pal to have he is always thinking of you and you of him ,friendship is a magical thing and you are blessed in a best friends for ever sort of way big love marc