Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Czech Republic Here I Come …..

Four o’clock in the morning is a very much a stranger to me, so it was with a sleepy eye and excited heart that I began my great adventure to the pistes of the Czech Republic.
checking the numbers on the bus
The first responsibility, given to me by our trip leader, Laura the PE Lady, was to count that everyone was on the coach. It was a bit hard as everyone kept moving their heads, but after a delayed start of 15 minutes, I finally got it right, 43 young ladies and 5 grown up ladies, plus me and the coach driver.
Departure Board Heathrow Airport
I found the whole airport check-in experience a little worrying, there are so many things to remember and get through. I weighed my suitcase several times on the bathroom scales before I left , I was so frightened it would be too heavy and that I would have to open my case in full view of whole airport and have to ask some of young ladies and staff  if they would mind having some of my socks and pants in their hand luggage. I would have died of embarrassment.  Fortunately my case was 19.5kgs under the permitted weight!
Waiting at Heathrow Airport
We made it with a little time to spare, but I found it hard to relax in the boarding area as I watched the planes land and take off as for the life of me, I can’t understand how something so big can get up and fly in the sky without falling down.  It gave me the collywobbles and I was glad I only had a piece of dry toast and marmite for my breakfast and had passed on the communal lemonade bottle on the coach!


Mr.D the Scientist said...

One sleepy eye? What about the other one?
I love the fact that something that can weigh 600 tonnes can lift off the ground due solely to the force on the wings caused by the Bernoulli effect. For more details, ask Tom the Scientist.

Darrell said...

I thought Bernoulli was a sort of margarine!

Monkey said...

I like that you are now using your full title Mr D The Scientist ....... and No.1 Commentor?

marc said...

I think some times but not to often as it gets me in trouble but i am with monkey its collywobbles all the way you have one so well M have a great trip