Monday, 21 March 2011

Our Last Night ……

Last night was our last night in the Czech Republic so we had a little prizegiving ceremony, there were medals and certificates for everyone, even me, I felt overwhelmed and a little emotional.Picture 357
My certificate was for “ Being guardian of the keys and embracing the Czech Cuisine at every meal……”
soup 1 Soup 2
I thought that was a very succinct appraisal of my Czech experience and justly earned ……. I quaffed all the soups …….
Picture 354
I demolished the dinners ……
hot chocolate Picture 687
I sampled all the hot drinks on the piste
Picture 493
I even embraced all that Tesco Express could offer me, In fact there was nothing I didn’t relish and enjoy! It’s safe to say I’ll never be appearing on “Freaky Eaters”! If I knew what the Czech for nom, nom, nom was, I’d add it here ….. but as I don't I’ll have to hazard a guess …….kzdj, kzdj, kzdj!


Mr.D said...

I assume "Freaky Eaters" is a television programme where people eat strange things. Mrs.D and I went away for the weekend and I ate a plate of ant larvae. They are found in the cactus used to make tequila. Nommingly good and nomtastic.

Sam said...

So glad to hear you like Czech. I will be sure to say "Dobry Den" for you when I go out later in the year!!
Dobry Rano!