Sunday, 27 March 2011

Filling In Our Census Form

census 2011
We got up really early at the crack of dawn this morning to fill in our census form, a task of great national importance, the responsibility of which lay very heavy upon us.  We made sure that we were altogether (including Nigel). We mustered together, a bit like a fire drill at the kitchen table, we wanted to be certain that we hadn’t  had any surprise overnight visitors, if we had it would have meant extra form filling for us, a thought that was to awful to contemplate!
 Filling Census Form 2011
We gave Nigel the  job of counting all our rooms, we made him do it a several times but in the end, as his answers were always different we worked out the average and put that.
Picture 717
We were also a bit confused about the getting to work question (41), because when we help out in the Reprographics Office we get a lift  from Lucy, but, there is nothing on the census form about getting home ….. we always go home with George on the Banga bus ….. Perhaps we should point it out to the powers that be that not everyone gets back from work in the same was as they went….
Nigel fills in his census form
And how do we answer question 18 for Nigel, “How well do you speak English?” …..  we think Nigel thinks he is speaking excellent English …… but we can’t understand a word ….. hmmmmm, thank goodness we got up early, this could take some time…….


Mr.D said...

The room average could well not be an interger - i.e. 5.7 rooms. That will confuse the computer or the person checking the form.
How well do those from Gornall,(or Walsall for that matter,) speak English?

marc said...

Mr D you lost me lol well done gang foe doing it your stars big love marc