Saturday, 12 March 2011

Czeching Out The Menu

I am really embracing the Czech cuisine just like Laura the PE lady has told us to.
Hotel menu Pension Roxana
So in between meals, my various jobs and snowboarding,  I like to Czech out the menu to see what’s heading in my tummy's direction next.
Pension Roxana menu
I would like to try everything, but that would be greedy, so sometimes I am emboldened and ask the ladies at my table if I could try a little bit of theirs ….
Picture 428
This is the dinner I looked forward to most …..
Picture 486
It was the vegetarian option, not usually my first port of call on a menu …. but it was too interesting not to try … although I am still not too sure what it was ….. it was a dumpling with vanilla sauce and a slightly alcofrolic filling to it but served as dinner.  I truly embraced it and Laura was proud…. nom, nom, nom!


Mr.D said...

Check out that menu - very Czech fare: Pizza, spaghetti and turkey satay on curry. Nom, nom, nom.

marc said...

Monkey you know me i dont eat any thing with a face but are you sure thats not a pudding and MrD your so on the ball its scary Monkey you done so well big love marc

Monkey said...

No Mr Marc and Mr D it really was dinner!!!