Sunday, 13 March 2011

Read All About It In Czech (Or Quite Possibly German)

I am really enjoying my little walks down to the town at the bottom of the hill (but, I don’t so much enjoy the walk back!).  I am discovering lots of new things and  I particularly taken with  the newspaper kiosks. How cute are they?
Czech paper Shop
I like looking at all the magazines, I think most of them are the  Czech version of “Chat” or “Take a Break”. I like to look at the covers and wonder who the people are on them and what they are famous for.  I expect that in the Czech Republic they can’t walk around without being pestered for  autographs and photos, but in London they could probably walk around unrecognised (well, except by Czech tourists)
Picture 464
Imagine my surprise when I spotted a picture of Kate Middleton (soon to be bride of Prince William, bless him).  I wonder what it says?  Darrell and I are very much looking forward to the wedding, I expect we will be glued to the tele all day, waving our flags  and discussing everyone’s outfits as they go into the church.
Penny Mix in the Czech Republic
There are two kiosks in the town.  The second one has its penny mix selection outside on the side ….. how brilliant is that? But I don’t think the paper shop in our village would be able to adopt such a trend!
Penny Mix in Czech republic
I couldn’t resist and put a few little things together to make Darrell and Nigel a koruna mix!  I am not sure what I bought, but it could make for an interesting Confectionary Review when I get back home.


Mr.D said...

You could have brought a load of British sweets along and done a swap.
I suspect the magazines will be very similar right the way round the world. We have Hola magazine here.

marc said...

Those sweets would not last 1 min left out side any shop in london they would be taken by kids getting up wrongdoing and pepole up to sckullduggery they must be much better behaved in that village