Saturday, 26 March 2011

Time For Presents ….

Darrell and Nigel were so pleased to see me when I came down for breakfast, and even more pleased when they saw that I was bearing gifts …
Czech Currency
But I had to explain that there were not many shopping opportunities in the part of the Czech Republic where we were based and that most of my retail therapy was confined to the local Tesco Express, which they thought was very funny.
Czech Sweets
Nigel made light work of the penny mix I got from the kiosk in the town, and they gasped in amazement when I told them that the sweets were outside the kiosk for people to choose!! Darrell loved his mug that I got from the airport and all the sweets I found so that we can do a  mega confectionary review once I have unpacked properly.
Funny Drops
His very favourites  were the white chocolate bar with funny drops ……
White Chocolate with Funny Drops
…… and Czech Smarties “We can compare and contrast them with British Smarties ” he said ….. “Confectionary from foreign climes always seem so exotic and romantic ….!”  What is he like?
Picture 743
Nigel was very quite, and sucked on his lolly ….. and smelt vaguely of beans ……
Picture 750
I told them that as I had bought some Czech money back it must be a spooky, Derek Acorah omen that I was meant to return one day, hopefully with both of them with me.
King Charles Bridge
Then we all gazed at the picture that I bought back ……
Picture of Prague
“We’ve missed you,” sighed Darrell ”It’s so lovely to have you home.” and Nigel made contented slurping noises.


Mr.D said...

My mam would say it was "cupboard love" with Nigel. Will there be an international cofectionary review?

Monkey said...

Oh my life Mr D ..... we love the title ..... and there will indeed be an "International Confectionary Review"

marc said...

Welcome back M we have missed you and i must say i likethe bit of art you brought back hcant wait for the international cupboard of love confectionary review it will be like the euro vishion song contest but sweeter big love Hugh