Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Embracing A Challenge – A Monkey on a Mission

About half an hour after the girls had taken to the piste yesterday morning  I got an urgent  message saying that one of them had developed a rather nasty pulsatingly painful blister and could I find a chemist in the town at the bottom of the hill and buy some suitable gel type plasters to ease her discomfort.
Shopping For Plasters
My mind raced ….. I didn’t have time to faff around looking in the Czech phrase book for all the words I needed, a young lady's rubbed ankle depended on me and I had to think on my feet ….. fast ...
….. finally .......... all those hours of playing Pictionary with Darrell paid off …. I had a Ulrika moment and quickly drew this sketch to give to the lady in the chemist.
Czech Phrases
I also scribbled, phonetically, a few words that I had already learned from the hotel waiter on a scrap of paper and on the back of my hand, (in case I lost the paper).
Simple Czech Phrases written on the back of my hand
I was ready to go …….. and .....
Blister Plasters
……  returned jubilant, the Chemist Lady took one look at my drawing, smiled, said “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” knowingly and quickly disappeared into the back of the shop and then returned with armfuls of boxes.
Plasters in Czech republic
I decided to purchase them all with my korunas, as the hill from the hotel to the town is rather steep, and I really didn’t fancy going up and down again if the stuff I bought first time wasn’t right. I feel proud that I embraced the challenge and as a result we now have enough plasters of a gel type nature for all the girls, staff, instructors and fellow hotel guests to develop several blisters of their own on this trip and many trips to come! How brilliant is that?!!


Mr.D said...

Did the Ulrikakakaka moment involve being laughed at by Vic Reeves?
The back of your hand in close-up looks very different to the other views we have seen in the past. Strange that.
Congratulations on succeeding with the blister challenge!

Candycane said...

Well done you for your quick thinking :D

Sal xXx

marc said...

Well done M you have done it again proved you are on the ball amonkey to be looked up to your friend Hugh