Monday, 7 March 2011

The Most Brilliant Day Ever, Ever, Ever!

Picture 667
Our Ski Instructors stay with us all the time and I am told that they are very lovely by all the 43 young ladies, who seem to have taken to sighing and alternatively giggling a lot.
Monkey Snowboard
I know Tomaz, the leader, was very upset when it was deemed that I was a danger on the piste due to my diminutive size and had been seen in and around the hotel taking measurements and stamping on ice a lot. His friend ZeeBee said “He is on mission. He find you somewhere safe to use snowboard.” Finally when Tomaz came to me and said “You come with me Monkey, get snowboard, like Cinderella, you go to ball” …… my heart skipped a beat.
He handed me a small pudding bowl and said “Put this on head, no one will see under hat, it protect your head.”  He then lead me to a secluded area to the side of our hotel ……
Picture 580
“This my friend is your special spot, you no danger here, it for you only”.  I was VERY emotional and I could not stop saying “Kekuji” (thank you in Czech).
Monkey on A Snowboard
Tomaz then gave me a special intensive one to one lesson on my snowboard, at first it was hard for me to balance.
Picture 598
Tomaz laughed and said “You all over the shop Monkey!”
Picture 594
But I wouldn’t give up, even though my bottom rather wished I would. I got up each time and brushed the snow off me, I was determined not to let Tomaz down, especially after all he had done to make my Czech dreams come true.
Picture 555
When ZeeBee saw me, he pulled my hood up and said “ You look like real snow dude now!”
Picture 576
What a BRILLIANT day, one I will never forget.  Now, while the girls are having their lessons, I can be practicing too.  I wonder how long it will be before I can jump over big humps?
Picture 578
It's Pancake Day back home tomorrow ........ I wonder if they have Pancake Day in the Czech Republic ?


Mr.D said...

I hope they didn't give you a haircut using that pudding basin! You wouldn't look like a cool snowboard dude at all.
Have you been taking lessons in two languages? Czech and snowboardese? The latter is a bit like Gornalese but easier to understand. It aye the wus.

marc said...

The photos are fab the best and you look like your having fun i can feel the wind aganst your face well done you big love marc

Candycane said...

Well done Monkey - v orud of you!! :D

Sal xXx