Friday, 11 March 2011

Meanwhile, Back At Home, Vinnie Is At The All England Badminton Championships in Birmingham…….

Picture 697
Vinnie The Volunteer popped by to see Darrell and Nigel on his way  to the All England Badminton Championships at the NIA in Birmingham, where he is working this week in the Media Centre, which must be a really romantic and interesting job to have as a volunteer.
Picture 692
Vinnie's has to welcome visiting members of the media, like journalists, photographers, and TV and radio people. He also has to give out press packs, special bibs to the photographers, photocopy the  results, and escort players to their interviews, how very, very exciting!.
Picture 694
He was also able to tell us some very interesting factoids about shuttlecocks, like how the cone is formed from overlapping goose feathers, taken from the left wing only. Now, how many people know that? But Nigel seemed more interested in wearing one on his head than enhancing his sporting knowledge.
 Picture 700
Vinnie had been very busy crafting too, he had made lots of little packets of mints with the Championship logo on to give to all the people he would be working with.  He really is a brilliant volunteer.  We said that if it was on the TV we would look to if we could spot him going about his voluntary duties and he promised that if he helped anyone of a famous nature he would tell us as soon as he could.


Mr.D said...

What a coincidence that Vinnie and his role are alliterative. I may volunteer to teach Mexican children Chemistry. Mmmm.

marc said...

Vinnie i hope you make it to london so we can go outand see the sites big show biz wave hugh