Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Romance of a Uniform & In Flight Nourishment.

Awaiting inflight refreshments
How romantic it must be to be an airline steward!  I would love to wear a crisp white shirt and important looking badges and insignia whilst having an air of an efficient, yet caring type nature.
Flight to Prague
Once my take off collywobbles had subsided, my mind turned to pondering as to what the in flight refreshment might be, especially as I was asked to filled in a form declaring my dietary requirements, such a kosher, halal, vegetarian etc. I ticked all the boxes and added a helpful note saying that I would eat anything except for broad beans, which I cannot abide and thus find hard to swallow, even with my nose pinched.
In flight refreshments onboard BA
As it turned out, sustenance came in the form of a choice of drinks (tea, coffee, orange etc.) and a biscuit or bag of crisps (not both, I asked, and got a funny look).
In flight refreshments
I felt embarrassed for asking, but I suppose it was the relief of finding that broad beans weren’t on the menu that made me so bold.


Mr.D said...

It musn't be a very long flight if they only gave you a biscuit OR a bag of crisps.
I doubt you can sneak on your own food with all the security checks. No stuffing a salami down your pants as it would show up on the monitors.

marc said...

i can see they were a English no frills brand of crisp were they spudtastic spudyou like or spudulicioues i can only just make out the word spud but then again you look like your enjoying them in a jamie oliver sort of way big love marc

Anonymous said...

Marc they were "Spudmuckers" !!!! Never heard of them ....! I have kept the bag as a souvenir