Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Czech Snowman

With all this snow everywhere it wouldn’t be right to not build a snowman ….
alone in the snow
…… but the snow isn’t like the snow we get at home at Christmas, it’s sort of icy and hard and doesn’t roll into a ball very easily.
Building a snowman Czech snowman
But not being someone to be put off lightly,  I’ve thought horizontally and made a flat snowman!
Flat snowman
I had sort of planned ahead and packed a few buttons, just in case I had the opportunity to be creative in the snow, it was most fortuitous, as there were no bits of Czech coal (or stones, for that matter) lying around that I could have used for his eyes or down his front.
Making my snowman
But I did find some twigs for his arms and mouth.
snowman 2011
It didn’t take me long, and when he was made we talked a while, a bit silly I know …… but I thought it might make him extra special if he knew a few choice snippets about me, my life and what I was doing here.
snowman snowman lieing in the snow
No one will know that he is there in the snow until they walk up really close to him.
left in the snow
I hope that if people find him, they will say ahhhhh and wonder who made him ….. they’ll never guess in a month of Czech Sundays it was me! Oh….. and I gave him a name, you have to give a snowman a name for him to come to life…… I called him Bob, because I think it’s an easy name to say in Czech and English and I don’t know many names with lots of k’s, j’s and z’s in!


Mr.D said...

What about a carrot for his nose? That is sort of traditional in the UK and maybe it could take off there too.

Monkey said...

Good idea Mr D BUT I have noticed that "here" they don't do a bundle on vegtables ............. and to be honest it's a point that I had been meaning to bring up, especially as getting my 5 a day is very dear to me ....

But in all the time I've been here the only vegtables I have seen are slices of tomato and cucumber on my eggy bread in the morning, otherwise my meals have been a vegtable free zone except for a tiny bit of garniture ......

In fact, during my first couple of meals my food went cold as I sat waiting for the vegtable dish to appear ..... it's meat and potatoes and/or pasta ..... but no veg!

Which also brings up another moot point ...... I haven't been (in the No. 2's Dept) since I've been here! So I'm not sure that I would waste a carrot on a snowman's nose if I saw one, I'd probably pounce upon in as a valuable source of ermmmmm .... roughage.

marc said...

lol M he is a very fine snowman and bob is a good name he looks happy you had a chat with him and i expect he will be telling jack frost the ice queen the elves and fartherchristmas all about you when he meets up with them in that great land of the northpole were all good snowmen go when they melt big love marc