Monday, 4 July 2011

Adopting One Of Our Abandoned And Unloved Monkeys

There has been quite a lot of excitement at Castle Grey Skull (Nigel’s new name for our house!) as we have finally found the first adoptive home for one of the abandoned and unloved monkeys that we have been rescuing from e-bay, from where we were originally rescued all those years ago!
Norm before leaving for his new home.
We didn’t want to say anything while it was all going through just in case anything went wrong, but on June 29th Norm (Norman) was adopted by Mrs A to be a companion for her small Monkey who spookily bears a striking resemblance to Nigel. 
When we sent Mrs A a photo of Norm to see if there was a connexion, it was instant love on both sides and some very emotional e-mails were then exchanged!
Norm (Norman)
As a parting gift and good luck charm Darrell gave Norm one of his holey stone necklets which proves he is a proper “Mum’s Monkey” monkey.
Norm's Adoption Farewell
We have another six monkeys looking for a new home …. Darrell is in the process of doing his best Gok Wan impersonation and taking each of them shopping for a new outfit that expresses their personality, ready for their new life.
To adopt a monkey there is an adoption fee of £10 plus £2.80 for their bus fare to your house. You will also receive a special adoption certificate and important information about your monkey, like what they like watching on tele, hobbies and their foods of choice ….. If you are considering taking on a monkey just like us, e-mail us at and we will see what we can do, but please bear in mind this may take us a little time as we have to fit the adoptions in between rush photocopying jobs for Sandra the Resources Lady! And, if we have more that six applications, adoptions will be on a first come basis.


Mr.D said...

How great - finding good homes for unwanted monkeys. Do any of them speak Spanish or Arabic? What about Gornalese?

Ali said...

Mrs A will make look after him really well xx

Maybe, Baby said...

Ohhh! I'm emailing now to enquire about adopting two of these lovelies!

Jen said...

have dropped you boys a line thanks xx

Paddington fan said...

Aaahhh, look at all those little faces and bright sparkling eyes full of hope!! I'd love to offer a loving home to one of them here in Hampshire. Our house is slightly mad (but I think that is a good thing - LOL!!) and we too already have a monkey who looks a lot like dear Nigel and a slightly bigger cousin! Fingers crossed, love Jacky x