Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Primark Wolverhampton Discontinue Monkey Sized Shoes!

Picture 222
What a manic time we’ve been having! We were totally unprepared for the reaction to our appeal to find new homes for the abandoned and unloved monkeys that we had rescued from e-bay, (as we ourselves had been all those years ago), that we were found a little wanting!
 Picture 220
But Darrell embraced his role as Gok Wan with panache and flair and sorted everyone's "look" out with aplomb. But, imagine his dismay when, after travelling on the Banga bus to Wolverhampton, with seven excited monkeys in tow,  he found that  Primark, have discontinued their range of shoes of a monkey sized nature…”It’s a national disgrace!” he tutted “Questions should be asked in Parliament!”  What is he like?
Picture 221.
However, despite their disappointment, the seven monkeys remained philosophical, and while Darrell, after texting me the news, took them all to McDonalds for nuggets, fries and dips, I got online and started sourcing shoes!
Picture 225
Although their departure to their new homes has been delayed slightly, because of the Primark shoe debacle, it has given us a chance to spend some really good quality time together…..
Picture 223
…. and get a few group photos taken …...
Picture 227
….. not an easy task, as it was nigh on impossible to get them all to sit still for too long.
Picture 228
Once they have all settled into their new homes we will add their photos and new names to our adoption page…..
 Picture 230
….. along with all the news of their new life and families….  and we hope they will keep in touch in the future.
Picture 226
We think/hope that we will undertake a similar project again, but at the moment Darrell needs some time for quiet reflection, because despite his ebullient demeanour, he has taken each and every one very much to his heart and he will feel their departure greatly, even though he won’t show it.


Frenchie said...

This brought a tear to me eye this morning, god bless the little homeless dears x

marc said...

And to mine to but they will be loved and hugged and have fab new lifes all becuase of you big living the life showbiz wave Hugh

Mr. D said...

Towing monkeys behind a Banga bus, or any bus for that matter. He could get social services on his case - if he has a case, that is.