Friday, 15 July 2011

The Sad Demise of Hook A Duck

Hook A Duck just isn’t the same anymore, in fact I boycotted this once iconic fun fair activity in Southsea  in protest ….
Hook a Duck at Southsea
….. firstly there were no ducks with numbers painted on their bottoms, secondly there was no magical ring of moving water for the said ducks to swim round, there were just characters from the Simpsons stood on wooden blocks, what’s that all about?  I have to concede that there were hooks to yank Bart or Marge round the neck with,  but it cost £2 a time and you chose your own prize,  no skill, no element of chance, no tantalising moment when you find out which row you can pick your “prize” from, nothing!  To be honest I would have had more fun and value for money  if I’d gone over to Poundland and spent £2! I think I must be turning into a grumpy old man!
Picture 159
In the end I decided to spend £1 of my money steering one of the Pirate Boats.
Picture 160
At least there was an element of skill in that!


Mrs A. said...

No ducks with numbers on the bottom? I hope you did a sitdown protest. Norm hasn't arrived yet. Has he caught the bus yet? Hugs Mrs A. & Monkey.

Mr. D said...

Gor blimey, luv a duck me old china. We went to Lindesfarne the other day - not a duck to be hooked in sight.