Saturday, 2 July 2011


Fish Food
We have had to move the fish food for the fish in our pond up onto a higher shelf …… it’s been a source of temptation for Nigel.
Eating fish food
Though it says on the label that it contains many essential nutrients, and promotes growth and colour during the summer months,  we really don’t think it should be Nigel’s colourful and tempting snack of choice, who knows what the side effects could be….
Caught Eating Fish Food
No Nigel! No nom nom!


Mr.D said...

The fish food does appear colourful enough to tempt a young monkey.
Does the jar need a monkey proof lid? Obviously, a child proof one wouldn't do the job.

Mrs A. said...

NIgel could start to look very fishy indeed!!!!!

marc said...

or he could turn orange and then he would have to move to Essex or Liverpool so he would not stand out in a crowd or get a job in a lunch time tanning shop or he could grow his hair longer and pretend to be a orangutan big love marc

sue said...