Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Simon’s 2011World Challenge Expedition to Mexico

World Challenge 2011
Nigel and Marcel have a friend called Simon, he sits on Helen the Maths and Science Lady’s desk, which is in the same office where Darrell and I (and now Nigel) work helping Sandra the Resources Lady with rush photocopying jobs.
Picture 259 World Challenge 2011 2
Simon is a bit of a rebel with his pierced ear and gung-ho attitude of a fearless and devil-may-care type nature ….
World Challenge 2011 4
….. He has been especially selected to accompany the young ladies on their World Challenge Expedition to Mexico this summer, mainly because of his intrepid spirit and his size, because space is of a premium!
 World Challenge 2011 1
On wishing him well Nigel and Marcel were obviously feeling very protective towards Simon, because beneath all that bluster and bravado lies a heart not dissimilar to that of the late (great) Dame Thora Hird.
World Challenge 2011 3
They had clubbed together to buy him a little bell for round his neck. They made him promise that he would wear it at all times, so that he could be heard by the young ladies as he swung through the Mexican jungle and undergrowth and  when he has to go for a pooh/wee, a comfort break in the middle of the night, when the only light will come from the fireflies!   Buena suerte Simon …. el mundo es tuyo para la toma! (Good Luck Simon …. the world is yours for the taking!)


marc said...

i am sure he will have a fab time and a great gift you boys have given him i like his ear ring may be he will come back with dreadlocks and a newage tatoo done by natives who can say what adventures lay ahead of him but all will inrich his life big love marc

Anj said...

what a lucky Monkey Simon is - you do have some well travelled friends and companions!

Mr. D said...

Where in Mexico? Maybe they can meet Mrs.D, who is there a few more weeks.