Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Final Four Additions To Our Pond

Picture 352
Andy took Darrell to get the final few fish for our pond “Twenty two will be plenty according to my fish to pond ratio calculations.” he said  “Especially after being feed on my special growth mix all summer, if we get anymore after this  we could to find ourselves in a monster fish type scenario!”
Picture 348
Andy let Darrell choose the fish, four shubunkins, (mainly, I think,  because the name made him giggle) but, they are all quite beautiful as they have large floaty tails and sparkly blue scales, so it was an excellent and romantic choice by Darrell,  who made sure that they were firmly belted up in the back of the car
 Picture 351
He sat with them throughout the journey, talking to them, to make sure that they wouldn’t be too frightened by the motion of the car.
Picture 350
And their names? …. John, Paul, George and Ringo, the fab four! And this is George!


Mr.D said...

No more Wolves related names?
Impressive maths too.

Anj said...

A huge responsibility naming fish...

marc said...

make sure you have lot of plants and weeds and then your get baby fish baby gold fish are black
big love marc

Di said...

As always, I'm with you guys on the naming of the new additions! Hugs, Di xx