Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Weekend In Witney – Full English All The Way!

Naturally, after an overnight  stay in a reputable and very comfortable hostelry,  one is curious about the sort Petite Dejeuner they provide. 
Marmite on toast fior breakfast
They did not disappoint! I ordered a full English, it would have been rude not too with an assortment of toasts, brown and white…… But the piece de resistance and for me the sign of a quality establishment was that they served Marmite!  Not only that but it came in individual heart shaped pots, I know it’s considered very common, but a few of them fell into my pocket, I thought that they would make nice little presents for Darrell and Nigel.
Picture 263
After breakfast and packing, we went to Burford for the morning with the intention of feeding the ducks and perhaps another cream tea
Picture 258
It was so beautiful, with cottages with roses growing round the front door, shops selling lots smelly stuff that ladies like to buy and lots of tourists with cameras, a few even wanting to take my picture!
Picture 260
There was also an old fashioned sweet shop so I took the opportunity of purchasing 100g of pineapple chunks and 100g of Jelly Sprogs for Darrell and Nigel to go with their erm …. gratis marmite!
 Feeding the ducks
The ducks must have thought it was their birthdays as Andy bought the poshest loaf of bread I have ever seen from Huffkins to feed them with.
Picture 256
They came from every direction when they heard him rustling his carrier bag.
Picture 272
I have to admit that I too enjoyed a little of their bread …. it was quacking!  What a BRILLIANT weekend!


Mrs A. said...

Fancy not laying an egg or two for you in gratitude. Hugs Monkey & Norm.

marc said...

you have had such a lovely time i hope you did not have any oranges in your bag ducks are afraid of oranges its a well known fact in france big love marc