Monday, 11 July 2011

Darrell – Embraces The Spirit of Bacchus - God Of Wine!

Darrell now has two very bright purple feet and I am afraid the blame for this lies squarely at the other feet of follower Di! This is the salutary tale of  how a remark of a casual type nature has wreaked havoc at Castle Greyskull  (Nigel’s new name for our house after watching an old episode of He-man, with which he has now become quite obsessed) …. but I digress …
Home Brew Wine
This is what said Di wrote after Darrell wanted to try making home brew ….…. and what Darrell read before I had a chance to delete it “ Oooer, good job you haven't got a grapevine else Darrell would have you treading grapes in the bath with arms linked to stop from slipping around I suspect! Whatever will he think up next? Di xx”
Picture 189
Well, Granddad Colin has a grapevine, but Darrell realised that it wouldn’t  be producing treadable grapes for a quite sometime yet.
  Homemade wine
“But” he said, with his eyes firmly fixated on the fruit bowl  “The grapes left over from last weekend’s shopping may no longer be palatable …. but it would be rude to waste them …..”
Picture 188 Picture 187
And before I could say “Now just stop there Darrell!” he’d whipped off his socks and verruca plaster and was dancing about in those grapes like a demon possessed. Thank goodness Nigel was playing at Marcel’s, or goodness know what further chaos would have ensued.
Picture 196
Unfortunately (?) for Darrell,  but fortuitously for my nerves, the grapes only yielded an egg cup full of juice, not nearly enough to produce the barrel of el vino Darrell had hoped for and so it found its way down the kitchen sink …. “I think  I’ll put this down as a learning experience ” he said “To be honest, I wasn’t too enamoured by the sensation of pips and grape skins gathering between my toes, perhaps we should just stick to pickling onions after all” …. Wise words Darrell, wise words!


Di said...

Oh Monkey - I just spluttered my morning cuppa all over the keyboard here, snort snort! What is Darrell like - hilarious though :)) Thanks for a great start to the day. Hugs, Di xx

Maybe, Baby said...

Oh Monkey! You do have some adventures with Darrell and Nigel. You must find yourself wondering what's coming next with two such characters!

Still, Darrell can always use the onions and cucumber to make a very nice pickle for your sandwiches, nom nom nom

Mr. D in England said...

The verruca plaster would have given the wine a distinctive taste.