Thursday, 28 July 2011

I’ll Have A Pea Please Bob!

After Nigel and the strawberry yield debacle, I hope we are not heading for another fall re: our 5 A Day self sufficiently projects …….
I'll have a P please Bob 4
….. and putting too much temptation in Nigel’s way ….
I'll have a p please Bob
….. as we thought we have a go at trying to grow a few peas for summer salads and a nutritious  accompaniment for our fish fingers and chips.
I'll have a P please Bob 1
The netting is not to keep Nigel out, but for the peas to grow up …
I'll have a P please Bob 2
Oh dear ….. you’ve only got to look at the glazed expression in Nigel’s eyes to see what he’s thinking ….
I'll have a P Please Bob 3
…… and no Darrell, electrical fencing is not an option!

1 comment:

Mr. D said...

Instead of tagging him, what about a GPS to track his movements?