Sunday, 17 July 2011

Embroidery Floss

Lucy's Crosstitch
While we are away Lucy has brought her cross stitch with her to do in the evenings after we have partaken in a little bingo, had a cocktail or two and done a couple of karaoke numbers at  the site club.
Crosstitch bird
She is very clever. I do so love just sitting and watching her sew, following pursuits of a gentile and ladylike nature. She looks just like a lady out of a Jane Austin film, (but in modern clothes), all dainty, with her finger crooked, carefully selecting the next floss colour of choice and following charts of a very complicated nature.
Lucy's Cross Stitch
And I don’t know why, but the name embroidery floss makes me smile.
Picture 124
I wonder, if I ask her ever so nicely, if she would cross stitch me something with the Wolves logo on.
Picture 123
That would be so brilliant!
 I would like to have a try myself but my hands are just too stumpy!

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Mr. D said...

A footballer would be cross if they got a stitch when running.