Friday, 29 July 2011

A Weekend in Witney

My apologies for my constant changes of apparel, it’s never happened before, but it seems that our usually efficient and faultless continuity girl seems to have enjoyed a few too many cocktails (strong Cuba Libre’s I suspect) in Hacketts (above) during our weekend!
Tom the Scientist with the big brain, who lives with the lovely Laura invited us all to stay for the weekend in Witney, the seat of our Prime Minister Mr David Cameron.  As there were so many of us, I said that I was quite happy to book into a hotel, especially as The Hotel Inspector is one of my most favourite TV programmes of choice, from which I have learnt much about the hotel industry and for fun I thought I could put my knowledge into practice!
I was booked into room Number 6 ……
Picture 246
…… which was dominated by a rather large picture of two cows ….
Cow Picture
…. which weren’t really to my taste and I wondered what Alex Polizzi, herself would have made of them. I later found out that there were cows in all the rooms, metaphorically speaking, and there was a bit of a theme going on .... my room didn't have a name but others were called The Laughing Cowvalier and From Me To Moo!.  If ever Darrell and I go into the business perhaps we should consider adopting a Primate-ical theme.... but we would not permit any activities of a swinging type persuasion in our rooms!!!!!

Picture 223
But the bed was most comfortable ….
Picture 213  Picture 241
….. with an assortment of bedtime reading material provided on the bedside cabinet.
Picture 214
The hospitality tray afforded sufficient liquid and biscuity refreshment……..
Hospitality Tray
….. and the view from the window was very interesting …..
Picture 218
….. as I couldn’t help noticing the unusual juxtaposition of the front door of the house opposite…..
Picture 224
Anyway Trip Advisor had advised me well and once unpacked and settled, it was time to explore the delights that Witney had to offer!
Picture 201
And just in case I bumped into the Prime Minister I thought I should dress accordingly, casual yet smart.


marc said...

look like you had a fab time and you look very smart big love marc

Anj said...

love the cows! Have a great weekend love Anj x x

Mr. D said...

I think you could become Prime Minister!