Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bird’s Eye You Missed Out On Us ….

Bird's Eye Polar Baer 3
Spot the difference …….!!
We love the Bird’s Eye Polar Bear, Clarence!   
He is our Frozen Food Idol.  We would very much like to pursue a similar career path  and see our helping Sandra the Resources Lady with emergency photocopying jobs as a stop gap before Harry Hill and/or an advertising agency find us!
We thought we would try a few poses a la Clarence …..
Birds Eye Polar Bear
But we had to keep our vests on ….
Bird's Eye polar bear 1
….. because it was quite nippy and we all found that frozen peas tend to get into crevices of a very delicate type nature.
Bird's Eye Polar Bear 2
We know we need to anticipate the next trend to become the new faces of a re-launched product …. perhaps we should follow Clarence’s advice and get a portfolio together of us posing with bananas …….???
Bird's Eye Polar bear 4
With a face like Darrell’s how could anyone possibly say no!


marc said...

you look the part you could do monkeynuts,or coco pops , i am sure some one will take you on its not all bright lights and A list partys its hard work being in the spot light you will become public property big show biz wave HUGH

Monkey said...

OOOOOOOwerrrr, we're not sure about being public property ..... that could become a little incovenient aT times!

Mr. D said...

Darrell definitely has a face for advertising - on the radio?