Saturday, 16 July 2011

Centenary Sports Day 2011

Yesterday was such a brilliant day!  I had to work really hard but I played hard too!
Picture 269 
The Charity of Choice for our historic Centenary Sports Day 2011 was Promise Dreams, which supports seriously and terminally ill children. The young ladies hope to raise about £6,000 ….. so it was a great responsibility  of a counting a lot of pennies type nature, that they bestowed upon me, but I felt that I was up to the task and went about it with due diligence.
Picture 260
I arrived at my table, marked “Finance”, which made me feel very important,  in plenty of time …. armed with a pen and paper to make lists …..

….. and work out my plan of action, which was to collect the money from each class at the desk and then take it all back to the office to count in the quiet, as I was a little afraid that the  loud music and squealing  could put me off my count.
But before we could proceed we needed to warm up ……

Followed by The Parade of Houses ……with all the flags and banners, like lady gladiators about to do battle! I found it all quite emotional.
Picture 263 Picture 264
I was made an Honorary member of Paget, I wore my rosette with pride, but I took it off for the serious business of counting.
Picture 279
With bags and bags of sponsorship collected, I went back to the office to start the count and enter all the totals into my carefully prepared spreadsheets.
Picture 266 Picture 268
I didn’t manage to count all of it though, there was too just much, so I have been taken off the emergency photocopying rota for next week to continue counting. I am afraid with Monkey away at Solent Breezes, poor Sandra the Resources Lady  has had to draught in Nigel and Marcel in our places!
Picture 275 Picture 278
I took my lunch out onto the field to join in the Centenary Picnic and was about to start my Nom yoghurt when Manjit spotted me and pleaded with me to mix a few sounds…. and pump up the volume to new levels!  What is she like?  But, I showed her a few new vibes and got the bass booming ….. well, it would have been rude not to!
Picture 273 Picture 274
I wish Monkey had been with me to see it all ….
Picture 283
When I have a final total for the amount raised I will let you know ….. Happy Days!

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Mr. D said...

A very responsible young monkey.
I am in the UK and without regular internet access. I will try to keep up.