Sunday, 24 July 2011

Offering Hospitality To Homeless Hedgehogs.

Look what Tom, the Scientist with the big brain and who lives with the Lovely Laura sent us
Hedgehog House 1
It’s a hedgehog house for our garden, how BRIILIANT is that?
Hedgehog house 4 
Before we knew it Nigel had climbed in there, he was extremely excited, (we think) making plans for moving in with Marcel,  what is he like?
Hedgehog House 3
I explained that he and Marcel both had lovely homes and there was no need for them to move into the garden which wasn’t really their natural habitat…and anyway they would soon be knocking on the door when the first slug wandered across the threshold.
Hedgehog House 5
I explained that this was for homeless hedgehogs seeking shelter on a cold night and that once it was in situ he could help Darrell and I think of ways to entice vagrant hedgehogs to use it …..


Di said...

Aw, so cute! We've got a couple of young hedgies visiting us here but I think they're maybe Hampshire Born and Bred. Good luck with some residents! Di xx

Mr. D said...

Always making plans for Nigel?