Thursday, 14 July 2011


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There is a very small beach at Solent Breezes, not suitable for buckets and spades or sandcastles, but ideal for looking for Holey Stones.
Darrell started this whole collecting Holey Stones business and it’s become a compulsive activity whenever any of us are by the sea.  We are all quite expert at it now and never fail to find a couple, but Auntie Jan went with Granny to Llandudno a few weeks ago and they searched for hours and didn’t find one, they were most disappointed!
Holey Stones
Anyway I found quite a few, plus some nice shells and can’t wait to show Darrell my treasures when I get home.  I also found some cuttlefish but I had to leave it behind because after about five minutes it began to stink the caravan out.
Holey Stones 1 
Isn’t the seaside brilliant?
Solent Breezes 4y
The weather has been brilliant and while I was beachcombing I’m sure my face caught the sun a bit!


Di said...

Factor 30 should do the trick - in between me laughing :) Cuttlefish - phewie!! Di xx

marc said...

fab place to look for holy magical mermaid stones as i call them you do look like you have a tan going on there big love mrc

Mr. D said...

Next time bring your electric drill and a metal file. You'll have loads of holey stones then.