Sunday, 10 July 2011

Darrell’s 5 A Day In Misshapen and Comedic Form!

Home Grown cucumbers
Darrell arrives home bearing gifts of a nutritious type nature
Yesterday a few eagle eyed amongst you correctly spotted a couple of cucumbers on Darrell’s work desk …not a random desk item put there for comedy affect,  but a gift from the music lady at school ….  her neighbour, two doors down, had given her more than she could possibly eat and she generously thought of Darrell and his rigorous 5 a day routine.
Picture 233
He was so chuffed when he got home and was already planning a salad in his head …. when he stopped and started to have an almighty fit of the giggles …
Picture 234 
…. we know you are not supposed to play with your food but Darrell just couldn’t help himself …
Picture 237
……. and with the addition of two apples he was able to make two different faces …. and laughed so much he couldn’t breath!
Playing with cucumbers
He then took the apples away and made a T for Tom (who lives with the lovely Laura), but that clearly wasn’t as funny.
Unusual cucumber shapes
…..  Then we had a spooky Derek Acorah moment when we discovered that the cucumbers, when put together, formed the letter D …. D for Darrell … like he was destined to have them! It gave us chills and they kept multiplying until we chopped them up and tossed them is a big bowl with lettuce, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs ….. nom, nom, nom! Thank you music lady’s neighbour from two door down, they were lovely!


Di said...

Phew, the relief that the vinagar and pickling jars aren't out. Bet they tasted wonderful - love the smiley face :) Happy Sunday! Di xx

Anj said...

happy days... making food faces - and as they say in a certain advert 'good with food' perhaps Dearrel could move into the advertising industry should work ever dry up in the world of photocopying x

Mr. D said...

Funny food. You get alphabetti spaghetti so why not cucumbers that make letters of the alphabet.

Mrs A. said...

Now this is really spooky cos we have just come back from staying with friends and they gave us two cucumbers to bring home and wait for it
He is the Music Teacher!!!
Hugs Mrs A. & Monkey.

marc said...

i am a veggie but i dont eat cold vegtables or green things unless cooked and never with yellow or red things ,some say i am fussy but if you give me a mashed potatoe sandwich then i am happy as a bed bug in a family sized bed on a hot night lol big love marc there is a glutton of cucumbers this year due to bad publisity and bad spelling in my case big opps i done it again marc