Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Bit Of A Damp Squib Confectionary Review ……

I was so excited, I thought I would bring a real seaside treat back home with me from my Sun £9.50 holiday at Solent Breezes and incorporate it into a confectionary review, but disappointment seems to be my middle name today ….
Candy Floss
…..  the humungous bag of candy floss I  packed so carefully into the back of the car didn’t travel quite as well as I had hoped…….
Flattened Candy Floss
……. and resembled a pink woollen blanket that has been washed on too high a temperature, all thick and matted!  Quel dommage, as they would say in France.
Pink Candy Floss
Darrell and I were a little apprehensive as to whether it would be OK to eat, but Nigel and his friend Marcel (who had come round to play) were so excited and as they had never seen candy floss before, were none the wiser.
 Picture 074
I have to admit it wasn’t half bad!
Sticky candy Floss
….. and to be honest after we had all had our fill there wasn’t too much left …. however, it had still retained a certain amount of stickiness, so Nigel and Marcel had to have a good wash before they could carry on playing and were warned that if ever they ever came across a matted pink blanket, anywhere, they were NOT to try to eat it!
Confectionary Review Scores  – from Darrel and Me:-  a disappointed 5 noms, and from Nigel and Marcel a sticky 7 noms!


Di said...

Nothing as sad looking as a deflated candy floss :( But, yet again, I almost laughed my early morning cuppa over the keyboard - oh dear, you boys do get up to some antics! Di x

Mr. D said...

If something is average, then one would not say "nom" whilst eating. Maybe the nom scale is only for top tucker.