Monday, 25 July 2011

A Surfeit of Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers

Free Bird's Eye Polar Bear
How spooky, just a day or so ago we were posing like the Bird's Eye Polar Bear and now we’re awash with Bird’s Eye fish fingers because when we were in the village Tesco we spotted this offer ….
Free Bird's Eye Polar bear Tokens
For only 6 tokens and a pound coin we can have a Bird’s Eye Polar Bear of our own (as long as stocks last), how brilliant is that?  In order to get enough tokens we needed to buy three packets of fish fingers, which could have been a little expensive, but as fate would have it the said fish fingers are half price at the moment…..  how fortuitous is that?
Picture 269
We all worked together to get the tokens cut out, the form filled in and the pound coin stuck on a bit of a card ready to catch the post.  It was all very exciting!
Picture 270
Naturally, we followed this frantic activity with a ten nom tea of fish finger and salad cream sandwiches …. nomtastic!
Fish Finger Sandwiches
“Do you know” said Darrell “I can feel the rich source of 12 Omega 3, which these fish fingers pertain to contain coursing through my body already!” …. and I swear we heard Nigel say something like “Me too” – what are they like!


Mrs A. said...

We had Lemonsole coujons for tea tonight but that was only because they had run out of fish fingers so they sent them instead in the delivery. (Now we know why there was a run on fish fingers!) Monkey & Norm.

Monkey said...

Ooooops sorry Mrs A ..... !

marc said...

you can buy a fishfinger sandwich in our local pub it cost £12.00 you do get a bit of salad and a few plain crisps with it but thats london for you big love marc

Anonymous said...

Just read this post and had to dash to kitchen cupboard where old inherited china is stored as I thought I recognised the plate Was it one of your bargain buys or did you come by it the same way I did? I'd love to use it daily but don't think it would stand up to the dishwasher!
Valerie x

Mr. D said...

I love fish finger sandwiches but haven't had one in ages.
I hope stocks lasted - seems a bit rude to call a Polar Bear "stock."