Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Birthday Darrell From Stacey Solomon!

Picture 334
A package arrived in the post yesterday morning  for Darrell, naturally he was very curious as to whom it had come from, …… he was also very excited. I played dumb and said “It looks like a special sort of a parcel that ought to be opened in your bedroom, where you can be on your own, in the quiet, to embrace the moment……”
Picture 336
So he struggled up the stairs with it,  up to his room, still wondering out aloud what it was and where it had come from.
Picture 337
What he didn’t know was that I had been in cahoots with a “certain someone’s dad” who had sorted something very special out for Darrell's birthday …. but it was a little late because that “certain someone” had been away on holiday round the time of his birthday.
Picture 339
From the bottom of the stairs I heard Darrell say “It’s a birthday card…..”
Picture 340
Then it went very, very, quiet and then I heard a little gasp …
Picture 341
“It’s from Stacey ….. and she’s got ginormous writing!  And she’s put a heart on the exclamation mark just for me …… how very romantic ”
Picture 342 Picture 343
Then Darrell opened the parcel …. “Oh my good giddy aunt!” he gasped again
 Picture 345
“It’s Stacey’s book and she’s signed it for me, with a kiss and a huge heart in her signature ……
Picture 346
“I am so overwhelmed I’m overcome as well!” he said as he stroked where Stacey had written and stared at his card.  I didn’t see Darrell again until about three o’clock, when he came down for a hobnob and cup of tea, his eyes were a little red, but I didn’t say anything!  Thank you Stacey’s Dad for making this such a special day for Darrell xx


sue said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!!!! Enjoy the book Darrell, I've got a copy on order from our local library, cant wait for it to arrive. x

Junie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a kind lady Stacey is !!!! What a precious and special gift HAVE A FAB DAY !!!

marc said...

whos a lucky boy then , good on you stacey for being so kind and staceys dad your as much a star as your daughter is they say the apple does not full far from the tree

Mr. D said...

Well done to Stacey and Stacey's dad. What a wonderful gesture. The signature is intricate too. Darrell has some wonderful friends.

Di said...

Aw, my eyes filled up with happpiness too - what a lovely Dad and what a sweet girl! Where next I wonder? Di xxx

Mrs A. said...

It's always great to get unexpected prezzies. Bet you just filled up and brimmed over with happiness. Hugs Mrs A & Monkey.