Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Darrell Joins The Twitterers!

I knew Darrell was up to something, he’s been glued to the computer and his phone for days now …. “Setting something up….. ” he’s been saying
Darrell on Twitter 1
It transposes that he’s started to Twitter ….. “It’s my casual communication of choice” he announced.
Darrell on Twitter
I blame Jan The Fan (not to be mistaken for Auntie Jan) for thinking up the idea and myself  for jokingly mentioning it to him  …. “I think Darrell should tweet” she wrote “ …. he’d be a good twitterer, sharp, witty and to the point.  It’s what Twitter is all about.  Please Monkey ask him to consider.  I think he would be brilliant” she went on “His own little niche!”
Darrell on Twitter 2
Oh Jan, Oh Jan, Oh Jan …. what have you done?
Picture 179
He has already got five followers hanging on to his every tweet……
Darrell on Twitter 3
….. and he is following Stacey Solomon (who else?) and Alan Sugar ….. all I can say is heaven help us!


Mr. D said...

One busy monkey. Following Stacey I can understand but Alan Sugar?

Anj said...

Have fun Darrell, but pleeeese not tmi - certain things should NOT be twittered - love x x

Jen said...

I think I sent Darrell his first tweet but I cant figure it all out tbh? Perhaps it takes a more simian brain..

Darrell said...

Oh Jen it is sooooo hard .... I am just hoping people are getting my twitterings ... I haven't had one fro you though xx