Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nigel …..Come Here NOW!

Strawberry hanging baskets
We’ve got a strawberry plant growing in a basket, hanging from one of trees on the porch, which, I’ve noticed hasn’t been bearing much fruit and which  Nigel seems to have been paying a lot of attention too, so slightly suspicious, I decided to keep Nigel under surveillance, my eye on him ….
Strawberry eating monkey
At first it all looked very innocent, and I felt guilty for having my doubts…..
nom nom nom
…. and then as I watched for a little longer …..
I discovered why our strawberry yield has been so low …..
Monkey eating strawberries
I don’t know who ate all the bananas, but I certainly know who ate all the strawberries!  What are we going to do with him?


Mrs A. said...

You do have to watch them the whole time as they have a tendancy to go tree climbing. hugs Mrs A.

marc said...

boys will be boys but te love they have for you will never die big love marc

Anj said...

My Grandad used to recite a little ditty to me many years ago "If you ever see a monkey up a tree, pull his leg and think of me!" today I thought of my dear Grandad.... x

Di said...

Naughty Nigel - go stand in the naughty corner, after wiping the strawberry juice from your chops! Di xx

Mr. D said...

He must have cleaned his face very carefully each time.