Friday, 1 July 2011

More Help Than A Hindrance?

It’s been all hands to the pump at the Girl’s school over the past few days in readiness for the weekends big Centenary Celebrations and Sandra the Resources Lady drafted us all in to help, including Nigel …..
Stapling 2
“If he can handle a stapler bring him in “ she said “This is the mother of all photocopying jobs!”  So we stapled for all we were worth, risking, as Darrell pointed out repetitive stapling syndrome, all be it for a noble cause.
Picture 286Picture 285 
Next Sandra called us into the “engine room”,  the hub of her domain.
Picture 294
”Keep feeding the machines,” she said “we can’t afford to let them stop for one second ……
Photocopying Monkeys
…… and if they get jammed and stop …….
Picture 290
…… you’ll have to send the little one in ……..
Picture 291
……. to find out where the jam is and unblock it “
Picture 293
We all felt our responsibility greatly and Sandra’s trust in us deeply, there was no way we would let her down…….
Picture 297
…….. even though at times we were visibly wilting under the heat, the noise and the strain.
Picture 298
Our final task was working the big punch ……
 Picture 299
…… something we had never done before ….
Picture 300
….. it needed a lot of upper body strength in order to move it just a little bit …
Picture 301
…. you could see the steely look of determination in Darrell's eyes …..
Picture 302
…….  “Sandra will not find me lacking!” he cried ….
Picture 303
…… just as he slipped and found himself in a very ungainly and unprofessional position …
Picture 304
….. which was impossible for him to get out of without assistance ….
Picture 305
In the end we had to call Sandra ….
Picture 306
….. to help him down …..she tutted ….
Picture 307 
….. and put Nigel in charge … who completed the job with grace and aplomb!  Nigel our surprising hero of the day! Needless to say we all slept like logs last night …. and Nigel wants to know when he can go back and help some more, bless him!


Mrs A. said...

Looks like it was all hands to the pump so to speak. Hugs Monkey and Mrs A.

Anj said...

A perfect example of excellent team work - well done! x

marc said...

you have made me smile ear to ear today with your wounderful post well done boys big love marc

Diane said...

I know that all those of us who are visiting the girls' school tomorrow greatly appreciate your help boys. I hope Darrell didn't suffer untoward injuries xx

Mr.D said...

I hope your muscles don't hurt after all this physical work.
Well done Nigel.

Di said...

Oh dear, tears of laughter here again at all the antics and fab photos! Go Nigel, go!!! Di xx