Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Confectionary Review –Millionaire’s Shortbread Wonka Bar

Nestle Millionaire's Shortbread Wonka BarWe have to admit to being VERY remiss with our “world famous” confectionary reviews of late ….. but in our defence, we have had this Millionaire’s Shortbread Wonka Bar in the fridge of Castle Greysquirrel primed for review for quite some time ….. we just haven’t got round to giving it our considered appraisal ….. however it is indeed  a small wonder, neigh mahooosive miracle that it has remained intactus and unnibbled, in the meantime!
Millionaires Shortbread Wonka BarSo, here we go ……. as we all very much appreciate the odd “slab” or two of Millionaire’s Shortbread to find that Nestle have incorporated it into a chocolate bar immediately aroused our interest …. “soft caramel and a crumbly biscuit” ….. nom, nom, nom!
Wonka Bar.  Miliionaire's Shortbreadcross section Nestle Wonka Bar Millionaire's Shortbread
Let’s just say, it promised much AND did not disappoint!!  We thought that perhaps the soft caramel would be a like a soft gooey toffee …. but it was more of a rich comforting fudge, but very lovely nevertheless.
nom nom nom, millionaire's shortbread Wonka Bar nestleMillionaire's Shortbread wonka bar from Nestle
However, for us the confectionary triumph of this bar was the crumbly biscuit …. the pieces were very small but their crunch/texture factor were robustly satisfying and if we could mix and compare our confectionary,  not unlike a Diam bar but with a lot more chocolate …….
Wonka Bar. Millionaire's Shortbread. Nestle. Nom nom nomNeedless to say, this new chocolate bar has scored very highly on our scientifically approved and tested Richter Scale of Noms  …….. reaching the heady heights of a most considered 8.575 noms out of a possible 10. We also now feel that it would look most rude not to now go on and sample the other bars in the range, to wit Nice Cream and Crème Brulee …… however with all the festive feasting that is about to ensue during the Yuletide season perhaps the reviewing thereof should be left until the New Year……. but in the mean time …. nom, nom, nom!


Mr.D said...

8.575 out of 10 is a very accurate figure. Accurate to one in 10,000. Why not 8.6 or 8.5?
TtS could give an explanation.
Either way, shortbread is great, chocolate is wonderful and caramel is delightful. Put them all together and it will probably be nomtastic.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see a confectionary review......that bar looks soooo delicious and a real winner! Good old Nestle doesn't disappoint!.....Dianne

marc said...

you just know i will love this big love marc

Anonymous said...

I must look out for that! My mouth is watering now just reading about it. JantheFan x