Tuesday 31 December 2013

Our Last Confectionary Review Of 2013 ….. To Wit, Marmite “Very Peculiar” Chocolate.

Tonight we are going to see in the New Year, in the Italian Style with our lovely friend from work Luci, however, we thought what better way to see out the Old Year than with our dear blog friends, doing what we do best ….. in confectionery review style!!!
Present From George. Marmite ChocolateThank you george Marmite Chocolate
Our very special friend George in Hampshire sent us a bar of “Very Peculiar” Marmite Chocolate, extremely surprised that we hadn't reviewed it before, which considering how we profess to be Marmite's greatest ever living exponents, seems to be a little remiss to say the least!!
Marmite Chocolate
Now, we love Marmite and we love chocolate, but is mixing them together one step to far …… we have to admit to being slightly apprehensive.
chocolate marmiteFirst we smelt it ….. inhaling robustly
Very peculiar Marmite Chocolate….. it smelt OK with no overtly powerful savoury overtones, just subtle hint of Marmite, a tease if you will   ……
Marmite Very Peculiar Chocolate….. so the proof of the testing had to be in the tasting …… and our verdict …………. nom, nom nom …. a surprising 8.75 noms on our Richter Scale of Noms ……
Muppet CrackersAs Darrell so succinctly put it  “ The Marmite was barely discernible on  first bite, however as it melted in your mouth, just at the very last moment one gets a subtle hint of salty/savoury which is indeed most pleasurable ……. and adds a certain que n’cest pas!”
Very peculiar Marmite Chocolate barVery Peculiar Marmite chocolate..
So there you have it ….. Marmite Chocolate gets our thumbs up!
We now look forward to the New Year ….. only to wonder what other new confectionary treats and experiences await us …… and to offer the services of our highly honed and experienced palates PLUS our Richter Scale of Noms to any purveyors of confectionary who might appreciate a good, honest and unbiased appraisal of their products!!!!!! What are we like?
xxxx Have a good and safe night tonight …….. see you in 2014!! xxxx


Mr.D said...

Why not 9.76 noms?

Maybe you have heard of the Mexican dish mole? It contains chilli and chocolate, among perhaps forty ingredients if it is the Oaxacan variety. It is delicious.

Question - How do you pronounce "Oaxaca?"

Anonymous said...

Oh boyz, might have to give that chocolate a bit of swerve this end - but looking forward to more of your outstanding nommyness in the New Year. THANKYOU so much for all the humongous laughs, ear to ear grins you have given me, and no doubt many other of your loyal and dedicated followers, in 2013. Looking forward to more exciting adventures in 2014. Love and a Very Happy New year to you all at Gateaux Greysquirrel. JantheFan x

Di said...

Some wag gave Len chilli chocolates for Christmas - in five degrees of heat. I tried the mildest and ran for the kitchen cold water tap :(

A huge thank you from us down in deepest, wettest and windiest Hampshire for sharing all your fun and frolics! Do let us know if you see any of our fence whistling past your window please :(

Happy New Year!


Hank, Marvin and Di

Anonymous said...

The ultimate confectionary review for Uk's foremost Marmite exponents! You must have been the inspiration for this delectable pairing......Wishing you a special New Year's Eve and many happy thoughts as you remember some of your 2013 adventures. It has already been said so well, but you have heartfelt thanks and appreciation from all of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy and treasure our daily visit to Mum's Monkey.... You are simply the best......Love you, Dianne

Paddington fan said...

So glad the chocolate got an acceptable nom score, George and I weren't too sure about it and to be honest after we had sent it to you George began to worry that it might be revolting and score minus numbers on the nom scale!! Wishing you all a slightly belated Happy New year and very best wishes for 2014,
Love from Jacky and George xxx

P.S. George would like to know where Santa found a onesie in Darrells size, he thinks he could lounge better in something that comfy!!