Friday, 20 December 2013

Magical Christmas Sparkle And Light Glasses

magic christmas glassesLucy bought us some most wonderful and magical Christmas Sparkle and Light glasses from one of her little surjoins to the local garden centre near where she works ……Magic Christmas Glasses. Sparkle and lightShe bought us a Santa pair and a Gingerbread man pair …….
Magic Santa Christmas Glasses …… they are so special that when you look at any Christmas lights through them you see magical twinkling Santa’s ……
magic christmas glasses...…… or magical twinkling gingerbread men …… It was hard to take a photo through them to show you the awe and wonder, but if you scrunch your eyes up tight or cross your eyes you can really, really see them ……. how brilliant are they???????
Magic Christmas sparkle and light glassesDarrell and Nigel now never leave the house without them ….. and after tea, when the washing up should be being done, they disappear for ages just walking round the village looking at all the lovely lights ooooooohing and ahhhhhing like a pair of ooohers and ahhhers possessed!!! What are they like?


Anonymous said...

Wow! they really are magical!....How much magical fun that will be looking at the village lights.....can see the gingerbread lights a little clearer than the Santas on my laptop.....Castle Greysquirrel is once again is on the cutting edge!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than seeing the world through rose tinted glasses I'm led to believe - or in this case through Magical Christmas Sparkle and Light Glasses!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What will they think of next?
Well done Lucy. I suspect they need someone like Tom the Scientist to come up with such brilliant ideas.

Mr.D said...

This blog appeared rather late. Maybe the computer was celebrating too and forgot the calendar of events.
Not to worry. I am making boeuf bourguignon and the beef is currently marinating for the next eight hours.

marc said...

we have those from a show we did a few years back word or warning do not wear after a few christmas eggnogs or sherrys or forget you have them on thought i was hung over for two days before i realized i had them on still big love marc