Wednesday, 11 December 2013

For Nigel …. It’s Now “Really” Christmas ……..

Bilbrook Motorworld window Christmas 2013Nigel has been anxiously checking every day to see if Motor World, in our village, had put their Christmas Nativity display in the window ….. because that’s when he knows it’s really Christmas!
MotorWorld Christmas Window019
And finally yesterday WAS that day, you could almost hear his whoop of delight from Castle Greysquirrel when he spotted that an illuminated castle had appeared in one of the side windows, which took his little breath away, it was one of the most beautiful things constructed out of cardboard that he had ever seen …….
Christmas window display Bilbrook, motorworld…… and then he rushed home to fetch Darrell to look and admire and share his joy and excitement ….. but there was more to come, a lot more …..
Model of The Woodman, BilbrookIn the front window was an exact replica of our hostelry of choice ….. The Woodman which is just across the road from us …..
The Woodman Bilbrook....…. it was so the same it was spooky!
Bilbrook War MemorialBilbrook Village Green War memorialBilbrook War Memorial, Bilbook Village Green.
There was also a model of the War Memorial on the village green ……
031 Holy Cross Church Bilbrook..
…….. and a copy of our village church ……. by then Nigel was almost beside himself.
Holy Cross Church. BilbrookHowever, the best was saved till last ……
Festive Awe and wonder….. Nigel’s beloved knitted nativity figures had been relocated to a model of the church hall, which is at the side of the church ……….
Knitted Nativity Bilbrook Motorworld…… it was a little more crowded than usual …..
Motorworld Knitted Nativity ……. but no less magical to Nigel.
Knitted Nativity Motorworld Bilbrook christmas window Darrell said that Nigel just went very, very quiet, only occasionally letting out a little sigh now and again that full of awe and wonder.
Motor World Bilbrook 2013Darrell also said that this year Motor World had definitely pulled out all the stops, not only for Nigel but for the whole village …..
Bilbrook Best Christmas Window….. and if they did not retain their Best Christmas Window Title this year then it would be an absolute travesty and questions would have to be asked in Parliament ….. but in the mean time, they have made Nigel very, very happy.


Anonymous said...

Now can you tell me why, when I read this I got all tearful and sentimental? Boys, day after day you take me on an emotional roller coaster (probably the same ride as the XFactor contestants say they are always on) JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

How amazing. Wonderful attention to detail. Well done Motorworld!
By the way - I hope it isn't a Jumanji thing going on.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful model done with so very much care......questions will also be asked from here in the US if Motor World doesn't secure the absolutely, positively deserved first place honour! I've thought about the beloved knitted nativity many times lately and relieved and happy to see it has it's place with the gorgeous new display; it is so dear and charming.......I'm with Nigel, now it is officially the Christmas Season!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS No 1 fan Jan said what many of us think about our visits with Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel......our hearts are with them and the sharing of their lives is a special time treasured by many of us.....they make any day better in so many ways......Love,Dianne