Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Our Festive Faux Pas ….. Which Could Have Resulted In A Series Of Terrible Consequences ….

While I was cooking tea yesterday evening  (for the curious, fish fingers, chips and peas with bread and butter), Darrell and Nigel disappeared into the dining room, to “admire our festive branches”, but after a while it seemed to go very quiet, suspiously quiet ….. and my highly attuned mischief sensor was alerted!
No star on the Christmas star on the christmas tree
It seems that “shock, horror” we had committed a the most serious of festive faux pas’s by omitting to put the star on top of the Christmas Tree ….. well not forgotten, more overlooked as the star had not been in the box when we had decorated the tree ….
funny looking christmas tree fairy……. and in noticing the omission Darrell and Nigel had proffered their own solution ……
an alternative to a star on christmas tree……. namely Nigel, who didn’t seemed to be having the time of his life, relishing his moment to “shine”
alternative christmas tree starsat on top of christmas tree
However, I felt that I had to calmly draw both their attention to the serious health and safety implications that could ensue following such foolhardy and irresponsible behaviour!
funny looking fairy….. to wit impalage, electrocution, falls, and the resulting possibility of broken limbs, not to mention strangulation …….  and how all the magic of Christmas would soon disappear if we had to spend all our time visiting Nigel in hospital over the festive season. 
imagesThis indeed struck a very severe cord with both Darrell and Nigel, who was hastily but very carefully removed from his precarious position …… after which they both slunk off in order to find the proper Christmas Tree Star………..


Mr.D said...

Is Nigel a star or an angel on the top of the tree? Or both?

Anonymous said...

Mr D's question is something we will all ponder! Nigel is a dear shining star for certain and so very angelic time after time! But Good grief!... the hazards are far too great for him to be the treetop star......keep safe, Nigel and the star ornament will quickly fix this festive faux pas......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh you nawty NAWTY boys - but you do make me giggle. JantheFan x