Monday, 2 December 2013

It’s Christmas–Opening Our Advent Calendar Drawers

Happy Christmas little oneThere is always something very special about opening the first window/drawer of your Advent Calendar on 1st December, it is an occasion that for us starts 24 days of magical promise.
happy december 1stAnd, as tradition at the robustly traditional Castle Greysquirrel goes, the youngest member of the family, to wit Nigel,  gets the honour of opening that aforementioned first drawer, first!!!!
Advent House Calendar So yesterday morning, with a rapidly beating heart and a trembling hand, Nigel, watched lovingly over by Darrell started our Christmas for us ……. by reaching up to “No. 1” and seeking out its contents …..
Twix...... and what better way of starting Christmas can there be than with a Twix?!!!!  It all bodes so well for the joyously festive days ahead……. 


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boys - Christmas jumpers and chocolate - what more could you want? JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

This looks like a wonderful advent calendar.
December already - time flies.

Anonymous said...

A lovely honour for dear Nigel and he did it all superbly as he launched the Christmas season traditions at Castle Greysquirrel.....hope every day is full of magical promise.......what a very beautiful Advent Calender.....I know there is a special treat in each gorgeous drawer.......Dianne