Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Two Special Christmas Cards From Our Special Friends …..

We are so mahoooosively lucky to have such wonderful followers/fans of our blog and so when the postman calls, especially at this time of year, it’s always a time of much excitement.
Christmas CardsNice Writing
Yesterday we received two cards …… one from Diane who adopted Hank and Marvin from us a couple of years ago and who always leaves us such lovely comments, often involving her “snorting” with laughter ….. (and obviously nothing else!).
Card from Dianelet it snow card
Nigel made a bit of a dogs breakfast opening Diane’s cards, as he could feel something lumpy in it ….. and got a little overexcited!
Let it snow snowman cardLet It Snow. Snowman card
The aforementioned lumpiness was a silver charm, that says joy,  that he now has his eye on ….
Robust…… and the message inside was very lovely too.  Thank you Diane, we love you and all your comments most “robustly”!
Nice WritingThe second card was from Roger and Chris who adopted Benji. We could not help but notice that the stamp had not been franked, so Darrell has now got it “in the soak”, what is he like?
Handmade snowman cardHandmade Christmas Card
The message inside made us all sigh ….. as we remembered some of our adventures ….. OMD,  it has been quite a year!!!! We love you too Roger, Chris and Benji, “Thank You” xxxx
Christmas Card MessageOur cards are now sat sitting resplendent on the festive shelves of Castle Greysquirrel  …… for us and our Yuletide visitors to much admire, as we said before, we are sooooooo very lucky.Cards on shelf
xxxx THANK YOU xxxx


Mr.D said...

Wonderful and classy cards.
They look great on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

It's WE who are the lucky ones - you make us laugh, you make us cry (in a good way!) and cheer us through our days! Everyone should have three monkeys in their lives. JantheFan x

marc said...

what fab cards they are lovely from fab peps big love marc

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards adding to the Castle Greysquirrel Christmas spirit.....Your extra special diary/everyday life adventures are a gift each day to your devoted readers.......Sending many Christmas good wishes and blessings to all.....Much Love, Dianne

Di said...

As Jan says, it's US who are the lucky ones boys - we look at your blog first thing every day to get the day off to a good and smiley start.

Love you lots, Hank, Marvin - and Di xxx