Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Most Wonderful Gift Of The Year For Nigel

Nigel’s friend in the 6th Form, Alex, popped in to see him on Friday, before she broke up for the holidays with a card and a present for him, but was bereft and almost inconsolable when she found that she had just missed him by minutes, after the Cook Lady had let him go home early when the kitchen had closed down ……
A present for NigelHowever,  Darrell said that he would take the aforementioned card and present back to Castle Greysquirell to Nigel for her and thanked the Delightful Alex profusely for her kindness on Nigel’s behalf.
Christmas StarNigel was very disappointed when he heard that he had missed Alex’s visit, but was then very excited when Darrell told him that there was a card and present involved.
024Nigel read the card over and over again “ To all at Castle Greysquirrell, here comes Christmas, hope you are ready! Love Alex and her Mum” with two big kisses
023…… and then his attention turned to his beautifully wrapped gift …… Now, at Castle Greysquirrel we are not usually allowed to open any of our presents until Christmas morning ….
Nigel's Christmas Star…… but the tag said “Please open ASAP” ……. well, it would have looked most rude not to …….
Open asap….. so Nigel and Darrell thought it must be OK, and they wouldn't get into trouble.
Nigels Christmas Star hatOh, mon dieu et mon droite et gauche …… inside the box, delicately wrapped in tissue was the most wonderful hand made and embroidered Christmas Tree hat to “top” Nigel’s festive jumper …….. we have ever seen ……
Hello Magazine MomentLet’s just say there were tears and much emotion!  What a lovely, lovely present and thought!
Nigels Christmas letterDarrell and Nigel read the note from Alex’s mum out aloud in between huge, heaving sniffs ….
Christmas star hat.“This has to be your bestest present ever, ever, EVER of a festive garb type nature”  Darrell told Nigel
follow that star (hat)“I know” replied Nigel robustly  …….. “And it’s not coming off for the whole of the holiday, even when I am in bed or in the bath  …… I love it soooooooooooo much”
shining Christmas starxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “I am so very lucky to have such lovely, lovely friends ……. THANK YOU Alex and Alex’s Mum …… I just LOVE it!” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And then, Nigel and Darrell sniffed some more, in an emotional Hello Magazine type way!


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely - now you ARE a real star little Nigel - how kind is Alex and her mum. Oh I'm coming over all festively emosh myself now. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Well done Alex and her mum.
Nigel is a little star and a big star both at the same time.
What a wonderful present.

Anonymous said...

the most adorable hat ever! Now Nigel's ensemble is complete with that perfect hat.....what a very special thoughtful Christmas gift from Alex and Alex's Mum......a lovely shining star memory with dear Nigel as the Christmas star!.....Dianne

Di said...

Oh how adorable! Nigel looks like a cute little Christmas tree - in the nicest possible way :)

Hugs, Di xx