Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nigel’s Robustly Special Christmas Card

2013 November_thumb[1]You may remember some time ago Nigel found a foam “M” lying randomly on the pavement on his way to work and had availed himself of it  with a little pleased hum ….. well, I had forgotten all about it until yesterday afternoon …..
Popped Head Round doorNigel had gone VERY quiet, and when I popped my head round the door of the room where he was, I have to admit to thinking that he was being a little furtive when he said that he was just do a bit of colouring in …. but I let him be… he seemed to be concentrating very hard,
Making Christmas CardsNigels makes a Christmas Card
……. little suspecting that there was a lot more going on than just the aforementioned colouring in ……
Get the felt pens out…… which included Nigel’s “found” foam M, great dollops of glue and copious amounts of glitter and sequins ….
Craftime Glitter.Craftime Glitter
After about three hours of almost complete silence, except for the odd chorus of jingle bells , Nigel came running downstairs looking for Darrell and I in a most excited state.
Pleased as punch“I’ve made you something!” he announced proudly …..
giving his Christmas Card….. so we all gathered round and Nigel presented us with a mahoooosive red envelope with our names on …….
Emotional Christmas Card….. and inside was the most wonderful Christmas card we had ever, ever seen, made by Nigel, all by himself, without any help at all, not even a spelling ……. it was a very, very robustly emotional moment!
pride of place. christmas cardDarrell put Nigel’s card, after dabbing his eyes and blowing his nose, in pride of place on the shelf in the dining room.
Best Christmas Card in the worldWe all had to agree it was the most precious and special Christmas card in the whole wide world ….. and a most excellent use of Nigel’s randomly found foam “M”.  


Mr.D said...

Wow. What a great idea. And he didn't glue himself to the card, or anything else for that matter.
Well done young Nigel!

Anonymous said...

And doesn't he look rightly proud - and so he should! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Very special treasures : Dear Nigel and that remarkable Christmas card! It doesn't get any better than this......truly robustly emotional for one and all......Dianne