Monday, 9 December 2013

Nigel’s Still Robustly Constructionally Entranced.

building-site-Apparal_thumb8Nigel is still obsessed by all the building work that is going on at work, it’s just that we don’t want to bore you with it, day in and day out!
One of the new developments that has particularly entranced him are that the posters that the builders have put up introducing themselves, saying what  they are responsible for and in what area or “zone”, as Nigel prefers to call them, to give himself an air of professionality!!!!!
012Well, this is all just too impossibly romantic and awe inspiring for Nigel ……. who now eats, sleeps and dreams of having his own such posters plastered all around the school …….
nigel construction workerWhat is he like?
Picture2I sometimes despair of him, but it does take his mind off Christmas I suppose!


Mr.D said...

Careful, they may start appearing in various locations around the house and gardens of Castle Greyquirrel, with his enigmatic smile or even a serious pose.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea....Nigel can be one of the crew with his personal poster! apprentice might be just the ticket for all his builder longings and the photo! paraphrase Mr. Churchill, never ever give up........Dianne

Mrs A. said...

Di Darrell have you been sending out any invites to the adopted monkeys. Norm has received two emails now but as the subject header is a bit weird and your name is being spelt monkeey am dubious that they are legit so they are sitting in my spam box unopened. Hugs Mrs A and Norm who is hiding behind me in case someone is after him!

Anonymous said...

Crikey, my comment must have gone to that black hole in cyberspace.......Dianne