Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Is ……. The Season Of The Board Game

Lucy very kindly purchased our festive crackers this year, to wit festive crackers of the Muppet type variety …… and as I may have mentioned, Darrell was determined that the Miss Piggy one would be his!!! I can now confirm that for the sake of family unity Chez Castle Greysquirrel, no one put forward a robust argument to thwart Darrell’s plan, so Darrell, to put it bluntly, did get to pull Miss Piggy for Christmas!!!!
Christmas Cracker pulling Twinkle[3]
However, within the box of aforementioned Muppet Crackers there was also a board game …. and, it would have looked most rude if we failed to partake in the playing there of …..
muppet board game Christmas 2013The game involved the wearing of masks, allowing us to immerse ourselves in our chosen character, embracing and empathising with them at each stage of “their journey” around the board!!!  Miss Piggy MaskIt goes without saying that Darrell chose to be Miss Piggy ….. a role he undertook worryingly, a little too well, with great accuracy! Nigel was quite happy to be Kermit, a foil to Darrell’s Piggy ……
Fozzy Bear mask…….. and I was OK with being Fozzie!
Christmas board games The masks in all honesty were a little too big for us and impeded our rolling of the dice and moving of our characters across the board ……
muppet board game. from the back……. however, much festive mayhem and joviality ensued ….. we laughed so much that our stomachs ached and Darrell had to breath into a paper bag!
muppett board gameBut, to quote the Fonz “Happy Days”! Thank you Lucy, your considered purchase was a triumph!


Mr.D said...

Great Idea Lucy.
Who won?

Anonymous said...

What a great cracker bonus....looks like a laughter fest and super fun time was had by all. Just love those masks....gotta love anything muppets! You all are a sight to behold!.....Dianne

Hettie said...

Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!