Thursday, 12 December 2013


Oh Mon Dieu, sometimes I could just “kill” Darrell for encouraging Nigel, but not in a fatal type way.
The definitive Christmas JumperYesterday, he came home from shopping in a robust state of flux saying that he had found the “definitive” Christmas jumper of all Christmas jumpers for Nigel …… I have to be honest, my stomach lurched…..
The Defintive Christmas Jumper.Needless to say, the both of them disappeared up stairs and into the bedroom ….. before you could say mistletoe and wine ….. Jumpers Off Christmas Jumper….. and I believe Nigel divested himself of his PE Lady’s Mum’s Christmas jumper so fast, he also took his t-shirt and vest off with it!Christmas Reindeer hair clips All I could hear was a mahoooosive gasp from Nigel, followed by a great many oooohs and ahhhhhhs, and then another mahooooosive ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
bee knees Christmas Tree JumperChristmas Jumper, Christmas Tree Jumper
I am not sure if the said the jumper can really be described as a jumper, as it comes right down to Nigel’s toes, transforming him into a miniature mobile Christmas tree, who thinks he is the bees knees, but I find quite disquieting.
Christmas Tree Jumper.  Christmas sweaterI now despair…….  as I know that we are not going to get Nigel out of it until at least New Years Day ……
Brilliant Christmas Tree Jumper
………….. DARRELL!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

That's a jumper and a half.
Will Nigel sleep in it or can you wash and dry it overnight? What about if/when he has a shower? Will he shower with it on?

Anonymous said...

Well. goodness me! this is completely unexpected....who would have thought???? Nigel as a Christmas tree!!! Dear Nigel always looks adorable, but it will require getting used to a Nigel tree......Dianne

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh I want one and I want one now - and I want some antlers........JantheFan x

marc said...

its fab darling fab i say fab big fabuolous i want one love Hugh