Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It’s Christmas Morning …… And He’s Been!!

He’s been, he’s been …… Nigel woke us up at 4.30 …. and there was no doing with him …… it was Christmas morning, and Nigel was determined to embrace every second of it ….. even if it was still dark!
Christmas Morning. 2013However, I have to admit that Darrell and I were just as excited …. and so we decided that our present opening fest should ensue.
Festive bird feeder We each took it in turns to open our presents, so we could all share in each others moment.  I went first ….. and yes, to my joy I found my bird feeder AND some bird food to go with it …… I can’t wait to put it up in the tree, after all the excitement has died down and see what birds visit it first.
Tiger OnsieDarrell opened his next to reveal that Santa had left him a tiger onsie ……
Tiger Onsie.Tiger Onsie Christmas present primark
…… well, he was in it before you could say “de rigueur” and his little face was an absolute picture, he was soooooooo thrilled and I have to say, he did look rather cute!
Nigel's Christmas presentAnd then, it was Nigel’s turn, I have to admit to worrying a little robustly as his parcel looked rather small for a cement mixer and I didn’t know how Darrell and I would cope with an inconsolable Nigel on Christmas Day of all days ….
Nigel's christmas cement mixertoy cement mixer
However, Santa had done good, Santa had done very good …….. and had found Nigel a perfect, Nigel sized cement mixer ……. the little fella’s excitement almost reached Neolithic proportions ….. and now I worried how we could calm him down.
present from americamore presents
There were also a few surprise presents in our stockings, Dianne, our friend in sunny and romantic Florida had sent a huge pile of presents for us ….. for Darrell and I there was a mahoooooooosive box of chocolates ……
Lindor Christmas breakfast….. of which we availed ourselves of immediately, well, it would have been rude not to, however we remained mindful of our impending Christmas luncheon and so did not overindulge profusely.
Present opening christmas morning christmas badges
……. there was also a Christmas badge for each of us that we put on straight away and that we can wear every Christmas from now on, “A thoughtful present” said Darrell “….. that will just keep on giving!”
Nigel's Christmas present from USA[9]-SNOW (1)[3]Small Fry's outfits build a bear
And finally, there was another parcel from Dianne for Nigel, as he opened it our excitement was both palpable and tangible …… OMD …. when he saw what was inside we thought he was going to self combust …… Dianne had sent him two outfits ……
Build A Bear Small Fry outfit……. including a puffa jacket, something he had wanted for ages and ages, but aforementioned puffa jackets in a Nigel size are almost impossible to find …… We all felt very blessed to have such a WONDERFUL friend so far away in America …… THANK YOU DIANNE ….. WE LOVE YOU ….. and hope you like the presents we sent you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
present from DeniseAnd ….. there was a present for each of us from The Lovely Laura’s mum, the Equally Lovely Denise, contained in a beautiful sparkly and frilly bag …………
086….. our initials in wooden patchwork form. We all felt very, very blessed in a Hello Magazine Christmas Edition type way, we had had so many presents from such special people ……. We hope you have all had as  WONDERFUL Christmas morning as we have ….. and at 4.30am in the morning  ….. the day is yet young!!!


Mr.D said...

I think you can eat sweets at 4.30 am because there is hours until Xmas lunch.
Great presents from Dianne too!
A merry Christmas to you all in the castle, as well as all who read and post comments. (And especially to Monkey's Mum XXX)

P.S. I think you had get someone round to check on your roof - snow is getting through!

Anonymous said...

Such a witty man that Mr. D. about the snow and all.
Sounds a great start to the day boys - hope it continues!
Best wishes to all.
JantheFan x
p.s. I seem to be having a bit of trouble with these numbers I have to put in with my message as some of my posts haven't appeared. Let's hope this one gets through ok!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I was worried about the cement mixer situation.....Darrell is an adorable charmer is that special outfit.....many fun times ahead watching the birds....Santa got it all just right! happy the package made it across the Atlantic and didn't run into a freakish hurricane or winter storm (sent it on the 9th, but was still worried)...... My deep heartfelt thanks and sent my loving thank you email to you today (to@aol).....Wishing you much joy and happiness as well as Merry Christmas Wishes ...with Love, Dianne